Kris Godinez


Kris Godinez is an internationally recognized expert on personality disorders and recovering from abusive relationships.  She hosts the weekly video-cast "We Need to Talk with Kris Godinez" every Sunday at 2 PM ET on her YouTube channel.  Kris' public events are available on her calendar.

Richard Grannon


Richard Grannon is the Spartan Life Coach and has been called "The Bad Boy of Psychology" by Anthony Johnson of 21 Studios. He is an expert on the negative effects of social media on society and is on a crusade to educate us all on the responsible use of social media and the dangers of its abuse.

Gary Garcia


Gary Garcia of Vida Comida has been in the restaurant business for his entire life.  Knowing that many individuals and families start restaurants without the proper knowledge or help. Gary is on a mission to educate everyone that wants to go into the business so that they can have the best chance of success.